Friday the 13th and Other Not so Scary Flash Days

You walk into a tattoo parlor and there it is: a wall plastered with vibrant, bold designs, each one clamoring for a patch of your skin. Welcome to the world of tattoo flash days, a tradition as enduring as the ink that’ll soon befriend your body. On these days, artists lay out a smorgasbord of […]

What is a Custom Tattoo Shop?

A custom tattoo shop is a place where your unique vision for body art becomes a reality. Unlike standard walk-in tattoo parlors where you might flip through a book of pre-made designs, custom shops specialize in creating one-of-a-kind tattoos tailored just for you. Here, artists take the time to work with you, fleshing out ideas […]

Tattoo Pain: Most and Least Sensitive Areas

Getting a tattoo is undoubtedly a unique and personal experience, with pain levels varying depending on several factors. From the location on the body to an individual’s pain tolerance, the decision to get inked involves careful consideration. In this article, we will explore the most and least painful tattoo spots, discussing the use of numbing […]

Where to Place your First Tattoo

Deciding on the placement of your tattoo is as crucial as choosing the design itself, especially when it’s your inaugural ink. The location of your tattoo can significantly affect your experience and the tattoo’s visibility, not to mention the level of comfort during the process. As a starter, consider areas like the outer forearm, thigh, […]

Tattoo Taboos: How to Ensure a Positive Tattoo Experience

You finally decided to get that tattoo you’ve been dreaming of for years, and you’ve found the perfect tattoo artist to bring your vision to life. While it’s important to communicate with your tattoo artist about your design, there are certain things you should avoid saying during the process. Not only can these comments be […]

How to Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant

Are you looking for ways to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant? Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer, it’s important to take care of your ink to ensure it stays looking its best. After all, getting a tattoo is an investment in both time and money, so it’s worth taking the […]

How to Clearly Communicate with Your Tattoo Artist: Tips for the Perfect Ink Session

Communicating clearly with your tattoo artist is crucial for ensuring the end result matches your vision. It’s important to remember that a tattoo is not only a piece of art but also a collaborative effort between you and the artist. Effective communication can help avoid misunderstandings and regrets. It can transform a complex idea into […]

New Year, New Skin 

New Year, New Skin

We all know the old adage, “New year, new me”. And while that usually does fall to the wayside by January 5th, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin planning your “new me” now so that you CAN see the changes in you that you’re looking for. Perhaps the easiest way to really see actual, physical […]

Best 5 Tattoo Shops in Virginia Beach

Best 5 Tattoo Shops in Virginia Beach

If you’re not from the Virginia Beach Area, you may wonder were you can go to get some amazing fresh ink! Well below we have compiled a list that may help you narrow down your search! Please bear in mind this is only for Virginia Beach, not Norfolk, where you can find amazing shops such […]

Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

If you’re a tattoo virgin, you may feel like you don’t even know where to start! And thats okay, because for many years the stigma behind tattoos made it more difficult to get reliable information. But fear not, I’m here to answer even the smallest questions you might have. Let’s begin at the top with […]