Best 5 Tattoo Shops in Virginia Beach

Best 5 Tattoo Shops in Virginia Beach

If you’re not from the Virginia Beach Area, you may wonder were you can go to get some amazing fresh ink! Well below we have compiled a list that may help you narrow down your search! Please bear in mind this is only for Virginia Beach, not Norfolk, where you can find amazing shops such as Slowride Tattoo. 

  1. Inkcredible Tattoo 
  2. Inkcredible Tattoo 
  3. Inkcredible Tattoo 
  4. Inkcredible Tattoo 
  5. Inkcredible Tattoo 

 Okay, we kid =) But here is who we would recommend if you can’t book with our shop during your stay. 

Top 5 Tattoo Shops in Virginia Beach

  1. Inkcredible Tattoo 
  2. Sacred Dagger Tattoo 
  3. Saltwater VB Tattoo 
  4. Rev 5 
  5. Electric Umbrella 

Now that you have your list, go out there and book those consultations! Go forth and be tattooed! 

What Does a High-Quality Tattoo Shop Have?

When searching for a high-quality tattoo shop, you should look for the following: 

  • Qualified and experienced artists 
  • Clean and sterile equipment 
  • A large variety of portfolio pieces to choose from 
  • High standards of hygiene and health care 
  • Positive customer reviews  

Each artist at Inkcredible Tattoo is professionally trained and certified in all areas of safety and health. We use only the highest quality materials, internationally approved sterilization techniques, and disposable needles. Our portfolio consists of works by some of the most renowned tattooists in the country! So if you’re looking for that perfect design, Inkcredible Tattoo is your top choice for great tattoos! 

Does Quality of Tattoo Ink Matter?

Tattoo ink quality is essential when it comes to tattoos. Poor-quality inks can lead to infection, scarring, and discoloration of the skin. So it’s important to ask what types of inks the shop uses. At Inkcredible Tattoo we use only top-grade professional inks and pigments that are safe for use on the body! 

We hope that this list has been a great help in selecting your new tattoo shop! Remember, at Inkcredible Tattoo we’re committed to providing the best tattoo experience possible! And our artists always strive to bring out each customer’s unique personality through their art. 

*Please note this is solely at the opinion of us at our shop, and you should always do your due diligence before contacting any tattoo shop. If you have had work done with us, please leave us a review on Google! It not only helps our visibility, but it also helps those who are looking for clean, friendly, professional shops to be pointed in the right direction! Thank you so much for reading and have an INKCREDIBLE day! 

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