Black Out Tattoos: Bold Simplicity in Modern Body Art

Blackout tattoos are a bold and striking form of body art where extensive areas of the skin are covered with pure black ink. This style, characterized by its solid and opaque appearance, is typically applied to larger sections of the body, such as arms or legs. Although they might appear to be a modern innovation, […]

Rise of Anime Tattoos

Anime tattoos have inked their way into the skin and hearts of enthusiasts faster than a speeding shonen protagonist. Much like a well-placed comedic relief in an otherwise dramatic series, these vibrant displays of body art bring joyous rebellion to the once taboo canvas of human skin. In a world where self-expression often gets as […]

The Social Stigma Surrounding Tattoos: Shifting Perceptions in Modern Culture

Tattoos have evolved from their traditional roots in cultural expression and personal symbolism into a widely recognized form of art and self-expression. However, despite their increasing prevalence in mainstream society, tattoos often carry a social stigma. This disapproval or discrimination can stem from various factors including generational attitudes, professional settings, and cultural norms. As a […]

Controversy Surrounding Being Sedated During a Tattoo: Risks vs Comfort

Getting a tattoo often means bracing for the needle’s sting, an experience that’s considered a rite of passage by many ink enthusiasts. However, a recent conversation has emerged about the option of sedation during tattoo sessions—a practice that’s raising eyebrows in both the tattoo community and among health professionals. The idea is to spare clients […]

Female Tattoo Artists: Unraveling the Shortage in the Industry

Tattooing has been practiced for centuries, evolving into a mainstream form of artistic expression in many cultures. The modern tattoo industry showcases a diverse array of styles and techniques, yet a noticeable gender disparity exists. Female tattoo artists are fewer in number compared to their male counterparts. This imbalance raises questions about the barriers that […]

History of Tattoos: Tracing the Cultural Evolution

Tattoos, as a form of body art, have a storied past that stretches across various cultures and millennia. The practice of embedding ink beneath the skin to form designs or symbols has been a significant mode of self-expression, societal identification, and ritual throughout human history. The oldest known examples of tattoos were discovered on the […]

Bad Tattoos: No Ragerts 

Tattoos often serve as permanent mementos of fleeting feelings, impulsive decisions, or questionable tastes that seemed like fantastic ideas at the time. They’re like living snapshots, etched into skin, of that one night in Vegas or an ex’s name you thought you’d never forget—or rather, never wanted to remember. Many of us know someone who […]

Should You Get a Tattoo? Absolutely!

Deciding to get a tattoo is a thrilling journey into self-expression. When you choose to mark your skin with a design, you are making a statement that is both personal and permanent. It’s a form of art that travels with you, a visual narrative of your passions, memories, or beliefs. Tattoos offer a unique way […]

Friday the 13th and Other Not so Scary Flash Days

You walk into a tattoo parlor and there it is: a wall plastered with vibrant, bold designs, each one clamoring for a patch of your skin. Welcome to the world of tattoo flash days, a tradition as enduring as the ink that’ll soon befriend your body. On these days, artists lay out a smorgasbord of […]

What is a Custom Tattoo Shop?

A custom tattoo shop is a place where your unique vision for body art becomes a reality. Unlike standard walk-in tattoo parlors where you might flip through a book of pre-made designs, custom shops specialize in creating one-of-a-kind tattoos tailored just for you. Here, artists take the time to work with you, fleshing out ideas […]