Tattoo Consultations: What to expect

Tattoo consultations are an essential first step in the inking journey, where aspiring tattoo recipients sit down with a professional artist to discuss the specifics of their desired tattoo. This pre-tattoo discussion is designed to ensure that both the artist and client are on the same page about the design, placement, size, and other important […]

Ink Therapy

Tattoos have often been seen as a form of rebellion or a stamp of non-conformity, but blink twice and you’ll see them sitting in the therapist’s chair. That’s right, these intricate designs etched into the skin are not just for show—many find the process of getting tattooed as therapeutic as a bubble bath after a […]

What’s in Tattoo Ink? Unveiling the Ingredients Behind the Art

Tattoo ink is the medium that brings the vibrant art form of tattooing to life, turning the human body into a canvas for self-expression. For many people, tattoos are more than just skin-deep; they are a way to showcase their identity, beliefs, or significant life experiences. What many aficionados may not realize, however, is that […]

Patchwork vs Sleeves: Comparing Tattoo Styles

Tattoo enthusiasts often face the decision between opting for a patchwork of individual tattoos or a unified sleeve design. A patchwork consists of various tattoos, each with its unique style and significance, accumulated over time. These individual pieces are not designed to create a single, cohesive look. On the other hand, a sleeve tattoo is […]

Tattoo Conventions: A Fun Mixture of Joy and Pain

Tattoo conventions are vibrant festivals that celebrate the ancient art of tattooing in a modern context. These gatherings bring together enthusiasts, artists, vendors, and those curious about the world of ink under one roof. They serve as hubs for networking, showcasing talent, and education about the latest trends and techniques within the industry. Attendees can […]

The Hunt for Reference Photos

Selecting the perfect reference photos for a tattoo is a crucial step that ensures the final artwork on your skin matches your vision. Tattoos are personal and permanent forms of self-expression, making the hunt for the right reference material both exciting and significant. Reference photos serve as a guide for tattoo artists, helping them capture […]

Japan’s Complicated Past with Tattoos

Tattoos have been a part of human culture for centuries, with various meanings and symbolisms attached to them. However, in Japan, tattoos have a negative connotation and were often associated with criminal activities in the past. This cultural stigma against tattoos has been prevalent in Japan for a long time, and it is not uncommon […]

How to Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship: Your Guide to Breaking Into the Industry

Getting into the world of tattoo artistry can be as thrilling as it is challenging. To kick off your career, snagging a tattoo apprenticeship is the golden ticket you need, but it’s not something that just falls into your lap. It requires a blend of talent, dedication, and the right approach. Like any good craft, […]

Black Out Tattoos: Bold Simplicity in Modern Body Art

Blackout tattoos are a bold and striking form of body art where extensive areas of the skin are covered with pure black ink. This style, characterized by its solid and opaque appearance, is typically applied to larger sections of the body, such as arms or legs. Although they might appear to be a modern innovation, […]

Rise of Anime Tattoos

Anime tattoos have inked their way into the skin and hearts of enthusiasts faster than a speeding shonen protagonist. Much like a well-placed comedic relief in an otherwise dramatic series, these vibrant displays of body art bring joyous rebellion to the once taboo canvas of human skin. In a world where self-expression often gets as […]